Monday, 21 October 2013

Polar Bear

I live in the icy place way up North. 

I swim in the sea and I stay undercover,
I run on the land and I stay warm, of course,
Because of my layers of lovely blubber.
I look white but really my fur is transparent
(My guard hairs on top make me appear that way)
And when I am hungry my nose is apparent,
I can smell a juicy dinner seal from a mile away!
I am huge and muscled and have massive power;
It helps me survive in these arctic conditions.
A blizzard to me is simply a quick shower,
And sometimes reveals my prey’s positions.
But climate change is melting my home
And if we’re not careful one day I’ll be gone.

I come down to Canada sometimes to visit
To Norway and Sweden in the Arctic Circle,
I do sometimes live in zoos as an exhibit
But I’d rather be running free away from people.
My cousins are brown bears, we’re nearly the same
We met up and danced with a fierce, great grace.
But over the years, as we wandered and played
Us polar bears moved up to this cold, lovely place.
We don’t want to hurt anyone, unless we’re threatened,
We’re huge and top predators, so beware if you see us.
We don’t like the men with their rifles and weapons,
Try taking us on if you cannot believe us!
There’s room for us all on this beautiful planet
But only if we all work hard to conserve it.

(I’d like to see a polar bear.
But only if he didn’t see me!)

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