Monday, 21 October 2013


That’s all you’ll notice!! I am so fast I can run faster than your car!
75 Miles Per hour!! Can’t catch me!! I can even do it in metric! 120 kilometers an hour!
You could say that!!!
I am a very big fast cat!
I get my name from Sanskrit. That is a very old language from India! WOW!
That’s where I like to live!
And in Africa!
That is a very big continent made up of over 50 countries!
Africa is bigger than United States, Europe, China, Mexico, India and Japan all put together!
Once there were many more of us but now we are vulnerable because bad people try and take us as pets and sometimes farmers want to shoot us in case we eat their animals. BOOO!!
But now good people help us find special  protected places to live in Africa!
Where we can run!
And run!
I have spots! But I am hard to spot!

Can’t catch me!!!

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