Monday, 7 March 2016

the anticulturalist and fakery

Everything on the internet is fake
this work is fake
the programming underneath it is fake
all the pictures on the internet are fake
where are they
you download them
then you put them on a hard drive
open the hard drive 
there is only electronic stuff there 
like diodes and gizmos and blobs of metal
they did this in zoolander 
i saw it
that was fake too
kenneth goldsmith decided to print out the whole internet once
it was a stupid idea and made lots of waste paper for no real reason
Even when he did it though it wasnt the internet anymore was it
not really
printing out a picture 
that generates a static version of something fake
that is something tangible I think
but meaningless in its way
and that wasnt the image on screen anyway
the colours were different
and that image wasnt the image that was captured by a camera
how could it be
a camera is not an eye
we are not there in the moment
the moment is fake
and all this has been said before
and written before
but not in this exact configuration
thus i condemn them as fakers too
you read this
how do I know you are there
youre not 
not when i write 
i write it for myself
i suppose
when i look at it again in a week or an hour or a month will it be real then
its not a conversation its a harangue
its not researched or thought out its instinctual and anti-academic
and this is the fakery revealed by anticulturalism 
a fake word I made up to bastardise thousands of years of other peoples fake thoughts and theories
for my own reasons
and they are the only ones that are valid for an anticulturalist