Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Sniper (snippet)

Red spot laser sight
The last thing you’ll see
And hiding behind it
The sniper

One shot phaser light
Seeks sins, shoots free
But nobody’s ever met
The sniper

Don’t fear what you won’t feel
For most mistakes are free
The sniper, eyes of steel,
Waits long and patiently.

Down In The Catacombs

An ancient city atop an ancient hill
Strives to breathe above the dust
Strives to soar above base desire
A thousand generations fortified Mdina

In pre-history I stood here, watching
As they came from the South
As they came at us from the East
Whilst the earthquakes shivered the ground

Phonecians, Byzantines, Arabs attacked
But none could make their works stick
But none could keep the fortunes alive
As broken bodies piled up in the streets

The Silent City’s palaces still stand
We watch together as the sun rises
We watch together as the empires fall
From this ancient city atop this ancient hill

The groaning souls of the exhausted dead
Are banished to the Catacombs
Outside these city walls and never to enter Mdina
Miles of ancient tunnels underneath parched Rabat

Where something more primeval rules

Here, it is said, if you stand and listen
You can hear the whispers
Doomed generation after deranged generation
Banished to these subterranean sandstone cathedrals

In the galleries and recesses of rest

These crypts to cry out

We cry out

And we call

Join us
Join us
Join us