Wednesday, 31 December 2014

In 2014

Bo wi: <500

Ci: <2,000

Co: 2

Dr (np, i): 0

Dr (np, l): <40

Dr (p, l): 2

Fr dl: <10

Fr m: <10

Go at: <10

Ha: <200

Ho: 1

In 2014

K: 0

Me co: <600

Me ea: >600

Pi: >1,800

Re: 3

Shi: >600

Sho: <400

Sn (l): >3,000

Sn (w): <15

Sw wo: <2,000

Wa: <200

Wo: < 100,000 inc e & fb etc

X: <20

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Dr. Sheuss

We landed that rocket on that comet. Can you believe what we’ve achieved? Said Hank at the food bank.

We can have more gas in with a bit of fracking. Goes to show what we can do. Said the bosses, wearing sunglasses.

Nothing is real; illusion is all. I have proved it with language. Said the philosopher to the smackhead.

You are not alone; God loves you my son. In His arms you can repose. Said the priest to the dead baby.

Humans are fucking shit aren’t they. Said a man by a computer screen.

Then he had a cup of tea in his nice warm house.