Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Anticulturalist: Granulation Systems

The Anticulturalist Granulation System: 1
Event occurs in time = Event Time
Perceived by those involved = Data Unit creation = divorced from Event Time
Multiple viewpoints = Early granulation
Retold – created about= Data Unit distortion/granulation
Uploaded = Fixed as Data Unit / Infinite versions of itself
Seen – Decontexted – Remixed – Repeated = Anticulturalist granulation

The Anticulturalist Granulation System: 2
Event occurs in time = Event Time
Seen by person – Recorded (reflected) = Data Unit creation= divorced from Event Time
Seen by multiple people/recorded from multiple angles = Data Unit distortion/granulation through language and substrate divorced from Event Time
Uploaded = Fixed as Data Unit / Infinite versions of itself
Seen – Decontexted – Remixed – Repeated = Anticulturalist granulation

The Anticulturalist Granulation System: 3

Event occurs in time = Event Time
Perceived by another person = Data Unit= divorced from Event Time
Perceived by other people = Data Unit distortion/granulation divorced from Event Time
Written, painted, created about as inspiration = Data Unit distortion
Uploaded = Fixed as Data Unit / Infinite versions of itself
Seen – Decontexted – Remixed – Repeated = Anticulturalist granulation

An event occurs. It exists only for the time in which it occurs. This is the last stage of purity of the event.  This information is now a unit of data which has no objective significance or context.

When re-told / remixed / reported / used as creative inspiration the data unit is recontexted to suit whatever effect is suitable or desired, creating inevitable distortion due to vagaries of meaning,  language, expression.  It has also become divorced from any time context.

Once uploaded onto the Internet this data unit becomes eternally granulated as it is available as an infinite copy of itself to every net user to use for their own needs, wants, memes, contexts. It has become infinite simulacra of itself.

Culture is the shared conceit of creation and/or creativity and/or social convention within a specific time/period of human understanding and is a non-static conversation by and with itself. As each individual has their own bias that they bring to the process of data unit extraction removed from Event Time for their own means and ends, this process is Anticulturalist.

Note that it is not an ‘anticulture’ as the definition of a shared cultural understanding no longer applies.

Note also that the Anticulturalist process itself inherently unstable and by nature cannot be described effectively.

The preceding paragraphs are also unstable for the same reasons.

Friday, 18 September 2015

the anticulturalist: movies

The making of video is a better fiction than the movie
The size of the screen and the speakers defines the experience not the content or the cast
The credits are a better fiction than life
The movies are made despite the cast and the employees and the process not because of it
Scripts are necessary lies and data units
A camera does not record images it reflects them as data units
A movie is data units put together as information only for the purpose of the director
The director is nothing in the process as to the producer the movie data unit represents money not art
Money does not exist in large quantities just as data units on computers
Art has no definition use foundation and is only definable against itself and its own absence
This is of course art also
Money is also art by this definition or lack of it
Any movie is at cross purposes with itself and the vested interests it reflects
The anticulturalist may take the view that a movie is finished before it is seen and from there utilise it as data depending on his own motives for so doing
A movie is also never finished because its own PR regurgitates it in clips, reviews, media campaigns, interviews with its employees, cultural context, translation, transformation, sequelisation, prequelisation
This lack of fixed meaning is a postmodern nod to itself and is therefore also unstable

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Did you see the man?

I saw the man, the enemy, the danger to the people:
He did not sing along, because he knew all too well what the words were.
Can you believe he had his top button undone, this fifties-throwback weasel?
He looks like an errant headmaster from a school in the suburbs:

Sir Dishevilled of Windmill Tilt. This danger to our lifestyle
Wants to talk to terrorists, to sit down with the foul. Has he heard
That we have drones? We can take them out, no problem. The axis of evil
Is pretty scared these days, now we’re on both sides of the hubbub:

The tumult of the world is something with which we just have to deal
And Our Will Be Done. We need to protect what we have from the
Evil Ones. They are out there. They are coming. Make no mistake, they will
Want to change our ways. They will steal your dogs and eat them, first

Making sure to abolish Christmas, burn Jesus, make our kids pray
To the wrong prophet. And this man wants their voices to be heard?
Has he no idea. He needs a spin doctor urgently: we will
Provide one to clean him up, make sure he doesn’t continue this absurd

Insistence in following a moral compass and eschewing the age-old
Procedures Of Politics. Why does he wear the same shirts as a granddad?
He doesn’t even own a car. What a weirdo: he has two bicycles
And surely that’s at odds with his principles? The wheels turn:

We saw this man, the enemy, the danger to our people
He grew up in the Sixties did he? Hmm, I bet we can unearth
A picture of him smoking dope, surrounded by hippies. That will
Show him for what he is. May the force be with us. Earth

Is where we have to live. It is an awful, sickening, vicious, ill
Place. Believe us; we’re here so you don’t have to see the worst
Of it. Our suits are sharp: our words sharper. We still
Know how to play the game. And that comes first.