Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Monday, 8 December 2014: Free event

I will be reading from my book in progress 1,000 Days of Sun.

There will be wine.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Two definitions for an Anticulturalist

1. anticulturalist

 we are surrounded by data

 this is only information when interpreted by the individual for his own needs

 therefore there is only one world view, only one world: the world of the individual

 this also applies digitally

 when information is pushed out to the world by any individual, this is inefficient and dishonest communication

 this is because information is received individually at the end-user stage as data

 it only becomes information on interpretation by the individual for his own needs

 culture is a shared illusion that the data has a certain shared meaning or force

 culture is a fatally flawed communication because each individual interprets data for his own needs

 culture does not exist aside from this shared contract of delusion because individuals cannot express this effectively. Imagine describing a colour to a blind man.

 Each person therefore is an Anticulturalist but this definition is also flawed because each person will interpret and utilise data for his own needs. 

anticulturalism is as unstable as anything else when signified, signifier and information are self-destructive concepts.

2. anticulturalist

. someone who does not like gardening

Sunday, 23 November 2014


I have solved the thorny problem of learning to play guitar... this will help the process. Simply hand out darts to your audience, and if you fuck up the song they get to try their luck at the dartboard. Hey presto! Instant guitar excellence, or alternatively your hands will get so injured you'll never play again. Double win!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An unused band name appears in a dream

Wearable poem 3: Anticulturalist

The anticulturalist 2.0

The Anticulturalist is both at the centre of and central to his own choosing and his own choices.

The supposed possibilities of imagery, emotions, arts, samples, foods, mash-ups, instantly-delivered data through the Internet are active only when accessed by the Anticulturalist and do not otherwise exist.

Nothing exists as an idea unless created expressly and personally by and for the Anticulturalist.

He does not care about or acknowledge politcs, love, history, context, cultural signs, signifiers, signified, slogans, thinkers, matchbox philosophies, television, music, altered states unless they specifically and individually refer to him and him alone. These data are not information until expressly achieved by the Anticulturalist, and may never become information if he chooses not to make them so.

Anticulturalism is anticommunication, antiempathy and antisex.

Anticulturalism believes in whatever is convenient at the time for the anticulturalist and the anticulturalist alone. For this reason it also resists labels including its own.

The Anticulturalist notes that culture is spread by force and fad; postmodernism by archness and arrogance that has collapsed under its own definition.

Anticulturalism is referrent to nothing aside from the individual that created and controls it. It is not a state of belief but of denial of the concept of externality. The Other is never central to anyone but itself. Thus, there is no Other. There is only Self.

Anticulturalism notes and states that every man may be an island and the island is self-created by each individuals personal dictatorship which is also self-created and always in flux.