Thursday, 19 March 2015

2: Stuckiness x 100

  1.  Stuckiness is not present
  2. Stuckiness is not an absence
  3. Stuckiness is a shapeless choking sphere
  4. Stuckiness is not a word
  5. Stuckiness is not a blockage
  6. Stuckiness is free
  7. Stuckiness gestates forever
  8. Stuckiness does not begin or end
  9. Stuckiness is not a fight
  10. Stuckiness always wins
  11. Stuckiness is a black hole full of expanding deadening foam
  12. Stuckiness is all light there has ever been all at once in a moment that lasts forever then is gone
  13. Stuckiness has no sense
  14. Stuckiness is all senses
  15. Stuckiness makes no sense
  16. Stuckiness is the first note of every tune in the world all at once
  17. Stuckiness does not repeat
  18. Stuckiness does not revere
  19. Stuckiness does not revive
  20. Stuckiness is irrevocable
  21. Stuckiness does not have form
  22. Stuckiness is an excellent basis for a religion
  23. Stuckiness is meaninglessly enormous
  24. Stuckiness is not a conversation
  25. Stuckiness is not brave
  26. Stuckiness does not want to feel
  27. Stuckiness will never make a prediction
  28. Stuckiness relieves nothing
  29. Stuckiness re-lives everything with no meaning
  30. Stuckiness is older than everyone who has ever lived put together
  31. Stuckiness is as old as everyone who has ever lived, put at the same time
  32. Stuckiness is the cheapest way to make an easy living
  33. Stuckiness is a capitalist’s dream
  34. Stuckiness is stained with itself
  35. Stuckiness can only be removed by applications of Stuckiness to the spot
  36. Stuckiness does not repeat
  37. Stuckiness is a great way to meet friends
  38. Stuckiness does not want to leave the chair
  39. Stuckiness is not scared of anything
  40. Stuckiness is not prepared to do anything
  41. Stuckiness is calm under pleasure
  42. Stuckiness is lyrically dreadful
  43. Stuckiness knows all the letters in every language personally
  44. Stuckiness saw the greatest minds of its generation in neutral
  45. Stuckiness is placed here and admired from afar
  46. Stuckiness is a catalogue of itself
  47. Stuckiness wilts if you do not water it
  48. Stuckiness requires no nourishment
  49. Stuckiness knows all definitions in every language and rejects them all
  50. Stuckiness once threw your ball on to the roof and laughed
  51. Stuckiness is a cretinous wizzing oaf
  52. Stuckiness can see what you do on your own
  53. Stuckiness has no perception
  54. Stuckiness is over there
  55. Stuckiness is over, there
  56. Stuckiness is willing to settle out of course
  57. Stuckiness is hairy when it needs to be
  58. Stuckiness is a smooth-faced cad
  59. Stuckiness cannot believe in itself
  60. Stuckiness wants to know where you left the last bit of milk
  61. Stuckiness tenses up without noticing
  62. Stuckiness is as slack as a simile
  63. Stuckiness is a metaphor for and of itself
  64. Stuckiness resists categorization
  65. Stuckiness is dogmatic
  66. Stuckiness is catatonic
  67. Stuckiness is mousy
  68. Stuckiness cannot bear itself
  69. Stuckiness is hoarse
  70. Stuckiness cannot fly
  71. Stuckiness is as good as it gets
  72. Stuckiness is no ambition for a growing boy
  73. Stuckiness ate itself already
  74. Stuckiness loves hunger
  75. Stuckiness cannot be ready for a sandwich already
  76. Stuckiness belongs in a goddamn zoo
  77. Stuckiness was brought up in a barn
  78. Stuckiness is on the pavement at 3am and you stepped right in it
  79. Stuckiness is rotten
  80. Stuckiness tastes like chicken
  81. Stuckiness explored everywhere already and was unmoved by it
  82. Stuckiness once told you the meaning of life but you forgot it again
  83. Stuckiness cannot speak
  84. Stuckiness is a world-changing lymph node treatment in late animal testing
  85. Stuckiness pronounces it ‘scone’
  86. Stuckiness is next to stuckiness
  87. Stuckiness is all the holes from all the doughnuts and cheese and mints of all time
  88. Stuckiness wraps itself around itself
  89. Stuckiness saw the original Möbius stripping and knows the secret
  90. Stuckiness has a thousand names, and all of them are the same
  91. Stuckiness is a spellbinding array of superstar cameos
  92. Stuckiness is the greatest gift nobody possesses
  93. Stuckiness is not a soul, a heart, a mind, a body, an object, a metaphysical illusion or a concept
  94. Stuckiness will sleep with you and never call afterwards
  95. Stuckiness is in the walls of abandoned Soviet missile silos
  96. Stuckiness has a half-life of itself
  97. Stuckiness grabbed God on the evening of Day Six just before he was about to invent ‘sense’
  98. Stuckiness is irreducible to mathematical cantankerism
  99. Stuckiness is not a number.