Monday, 21 October 2013

Guinea Pigs

Jenny is a Guinea Pig
Her feet are small and her nose is big
She likes to scritch and scratch about
And sniff things with her funny snout

At meal time I give her food
And little treats, if she is good.
I clean her cage and then we play
And that’s what we do every day.

Jenny likes to sing with me
And sits on my lap to watch TV
She has a friend called Danny Dig
Who also is a Guinea Pig

Cause critters feel just like us,
We all need people we can trust
Someone to feed us, play and sing
Someone to share in everything

So be like Jenny, Dan and me
And make a friend immediately!
School is cool with lots to do,
You might find someone funny too!

We can all learn from Guinea Pigs
Though we are small and teachers are big
Once  they were little,  just like us,
They just grew up and lost their fluff.

Shake hands with a new friend today!
But wait!
There’s more!
Don’t forget to shake hands and say,
As loud as you can…




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