Monday, 21 October 2013

Manta Rays

I am a giant.
I do not swim, I fly through the briny deep.
I am warm here in my watery house.
My body is flat, my fins are gentle; I can duck, swoop, shimmer and speed in three dimensions.
If you were underneath me, you’d see me as a kite, playing on currents of restless energy as I make my way through life, happy in my place, ready for adventures.
When it’s a full moon for us Manta Rays, it’s time to find a partner and fall in love. About a year later, new baby rays will appear. They are small but ready to fly too.
Sometimes fishermen sweep us up in their nets by mistake and sometimes they do it on purpose. We are not meant for eating; our skin is tough and we do not taste good.
We are giants.
We only want to fly and swoop.

We are Manta Rays.

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