Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I read in a book, a book I trust,
That every single one of us
Me, you, the teacher too,
The man down the road who is eating some stew,
We all are 50 per cent water.

Not to say, to say a lie,
It doesn’t mean that you and I
Splash, walk, splosh and talk,
But that all of our cells, skin, heart and all,
Are made, in part, of moisture.

So, let’s think, think of a way
To cool down on a summer’s day
Hey, yo, why don’t we go
To a swimming pool, sometimes called a Lido
And front crawl through the water?

Which strokes, strokes to swim
Do we know, what do we think?
Doggy paddle, breaststroke, back,
Butterfly and more - just depends what
Way we want to float-a.

And in LA, LA has beaches
Perched upon an ocean that reaches
All the way to Japan! Hey
I guess it would be best
Not to swim all that way, instead
Just to enjoy the water.

We can learn, learn to swim
And sometimes use our water wings
It’s fun, and healthy, that’s for sure
I wonder if that’s all because
We’re all half made of water?

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