Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Words like battleships

Automatic poem. 5am, April 1, 2014. Too dark to see the paper.

A glimmer, a grimace;

Sideward bound and unafraid

Marsh movements.

Deliver me slow,

Slow as you like it.

Other bothersome tribunals,

Tributaries of boredom,

No more intercessions:

Memory dump complete.

Would the ancient birds understand their descendants' songs?

There is always pain,

Panic magic.

Too early to drive -

Skulls drip dry

In rank humour.

Screw as you like it;

Use washers to avoid issues of shake.

Develop scales;

Stale bread can still be useful;

Don't do it again, bozo!

Clean the mirrors -

Filleting time.

Always have someone to blame;

Notice all possible exits;

Be the dance.

Record yourself,

Regard yourself.

Disregard your self.

Know that the game is always skewed;

Forget regret.

If you cannot be right, be massive.

Virtue is bunk.

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