Monday, 7 April 2014

Lost Last Pages

Last night at 5am I woke
And logged on with the normal stroke
Asked Jeeves to Google AOL
I Wikied and clickied and mousied as well.

I reached the farthest hinterlands
Which satiated my demands
Of lust; but there was one link left:
The Last Page of the Internet.

I hovered there with heavy breath
My blood was sludge, my soul bereft.
I clicked the link. The page began to load.
Ten words appeared: the motherlode.
“Well done,” they read. “You’ve won the ‘net.”
Then words that damned:
"Now wash your hands.”

I travelled in my sleep that night.
To strange and dusty desert sites
In Arithamean markets burned
By hearty sun as life unfurled

I felt a scratching at my back
But this was no villain’s attack
A boy, bright eyed and clad in rags
Beckoned to follow in his path

He pointed to a distant hill
I wandered there with my soul filled
With wonder, hope and longing for
The answers of a silent Lord.
A cave. A scroll. A Bible, full
Of the familiar verses. Still:
Beyond Revelations, on I read.
A lost last page! I held my breath.
God’s final words, no less, in full
I repeat them here:
“Only joking.

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