Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Words Like Battleships (raw)

Automatic poem. 5am, April 1, 2014. Too dark to see the paper I was writing on. This is the raw version.

A glimmer, a grimace

Sideward bound and unafraid

Marsh movements

Deliver me slow

Slow as you like it

Other bothersome tribunals

Tributaries of boredom

No more intercessions

Memory dump complete

Would the ancient birds understand their descendants' songs?

There is always pain

Panic magic

Too early to drive

Skulls drip dry

In rank humour

Screw as you like it

Use washers to avoid issues of shake

Develop scales

Stale bread can still be useful

Don't do it again, bozo

Clean the mirrors

Filleting time

Always have someone to blame

Notice all possible exits

Be the dance

Record yourself

Regard yourself

Disregard your self

Know that the game is always skewed

Forget regret

If you cannot be right, be massive

Virtue is bunk

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