Monday, 6 March 2017

The several disrespects of Carlton Wuck / Luckton Carr effects residual saviour: Part One

Carlton Wuck
Took for his sustenance bat faeces and the residue of wet dreams
Neither hermit nor hobbit
He existed in tarclammed paper strewn and stewing behind a disused garage
And that is the first disrespect of Carlton Wuck.

Carlton Wuck
Hid himself and his frame behind a chimney stack fallen from a disused scout hut
Randy, ratty and ragged
He masturbated as he watched the stompy joy and angry happiness of a protest march pass him by
And that is the second disrespect of Carlton Wuck.

Luckton Carr effects despond; says that this fast and
Flying gas-mark, grotesque roach of angriness happily stands: Boy, grumbly; her wrathfully. That they, fatedly
Buggered and grotty, shady
Twot-fought; abused aplomb more than Brahimly. A reminder came: this, in itself, fed
Luckton Carr.

Luckton Carr effects this worst: the instant and
Ravaged, misused and maligned, accruing later bardamned in twistedly-
Shod, bitter, permittedly-
seamless lassisitude. Our man’s reasons can’t countenance this formbook:
Luckton Carr.

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