Thursday, 7 December 2017

But. Even then?

Yes. Well. What happened to Greece
Was a violent fuck by the banking elite
Until it bled. There was no money,
Just debt. But even then
I think I believed still in peace.

And. So. There isn’t a plan
And admitting this, a man
In a suit shrugged it off, which was
‘nt cute. Remember when
They wrote lies on a van?

Aye. Aye. The good ship shits sails,
The crops and the economy fail,
And for what? A power struggle,
Power that should never be
In the hands of those who seek hail.

Yes. Well. I wonder if this all
Will blow over, or whether we will fall
And crack heads. In schools will they teach
How we fled? How we all got
Irish passports? When we Took Back Control?

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