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Inner City Sumo Review (Unpublished, 2004)

Intended for Plan B Magazine, 2004

Thurs. 6th May 2004 7.00pm £5 - SPECIAL EVENT!
Thrashgig, Inner City Sumo, Crustgig and Artcore Fanzine Presents
This is an exhibition of 25 years of punk rock flyers which is coming over from the States. It features stuff from the Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, Black Flag etc..The Biscuit Boys who feature members of the legendary early US punk band The Big Boys, headline a top bill of punk and hardcore bands from around the world. It's a celebration of DIY art and culture. Bands and promoters are encouraged to bring their own flyers as part of the exhibition.
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Masque Theatre / Bar, Liverpool / DD’s house of panic and disorder / wrinkled-synapse 5AM-land / revulsion / revelation / confusion or redemption

1991 Stage Right Ouch BANG Bass BARK BARK dogcollar NO MAKEUP I WEARING THE JELLO BIAFRIC MARIGOLDS roarrrrrrrrghhhhh my song this one called VEGI FACE it go like this: akakakakakakaakakBADABABABDBBBBEBBBEBEBakakakBVAAAAAAAAAAGakakakakBOBOBOBOBBAAAARGH KA
Now we 1994 Knock Knock at YOU FRONT DOOR etc an now longer time PUT UP POSTERS WITH ME LOOK I hav coppied them all up on the PHOTOCOPY MACHINE AT WORK AND now I HAVE 100 Look I KUT OUT LETRAS from PAPERS and STICK together cause I hav CUTUP pics of there are oh soldiers and flower an a punk baby an the like an maybe some dinosaurs for some reason here we have WHEATYGLUE oh it 4am Cops no it better now now better at 7PM IT OK IF YOU LOOK LIKE YOU MEAN TO BE THERE they no never will say because after all it art an that.
An now lookit A SINGLE ON VINYL I CAN DO THIS BECAUSE IT IS MINE AND YOURS now my FRIENDS our mateys our people they like to do INDEPENDEMENTATED STUFF IN Switzerland Thailand USA Finland Germanland FRANCE an SPAIN and all sorts look here my fanzine you swap for yours thank you WE FEEL SIMILAR MAYBE nor THE SAME completely but COMPLIMENTARY of MIND an IND£P£ND£NT an ALT£RNATIV£ more pointed POLITICOSOCIO-FUN than anything else.

 Wot it now 96 oi I HAV LOTS BOOKS Readed SITUATIONISMISTASIC stuff an Englandsdreaming heres imagery foryou the SKILL is in the CHASE in the lost art of the STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART Reappropriation reintergration reinterpretation of subtle harsh intracontextual imagery AS YOU WALK DOWN ANY CITY STREET the art is ALSO to be found in the decay of its ephemera as LOVE and MADNESS be the same hale and hearty energy of course over thirty forty years or suchlike perhaps of CUTUPANDANCEORBEDAMNED political personal paradoxy.

Now it 2004 2004 aii KENNEDYS mark III or idiotical something but still PINK PUNK PAIN an BRAIN in tandem Biscuit Boys omygod THAT still A GOOOOD NOIZE even if I sometimes now buy ORCHIDS an get new coffee tables not always spending timecash on terribledrugsclothesrecords ALL THE TIME I find I have found I STILL FEEL IT SOMEWHERE sparkling not quenched extinquenched by DOURNESS of DENSITY and so burbling inside I throw aside my DRUNKEN shell try and reclaim some some sort of hash-stumbled selfrespect now I remember myself an the art an the passion an the interaction an the creation the ACT OF creation is almost and always and suddenly as important as the results and PUNK and ART and ZEN and sometimes yes even those crummyhairfaced FUCKING HIPPIES actually inhabit some of the same space because NO MATTER HOW BADLY PISSED UP or cack handed the ultratradeoffs get as you are assimilated bashed down by corporations corporate onanism then the TRIUMPH is forsure and forever therein and thereof the WILLING to LOVE for the sake of the journey.

IF I write another song in 2004 WHICH I WON’T but IF I do then it will be probably on alovelyexpensivesweetacoustic an it more than likely goes strumstrumstrumlalalalakiss rather than akakakakakakaakakBADABABABDBBBBEBBBEBEBakakakBVAAAAAAAAAAGakakakakBOBOBOBOBBAAAARGH KA but then it somehow seem just as powerful just not very good maybe but powerful nonetheless maybe somehow even moreso than whatever come before because like the music much like the bands of the night tonight and definitely like the lovers and the proper people of the world it we and they know that bands people lovers artists are different in as many ways as they are the same and so as it is and shall be; and as PUNK always held inside itself, and myself should I have only ever been able to maybe realise this, that it is the embracing of these differentisms that create a world of colour and magic that holds you tight and kisses your neck with imagination and electricity, and all else is just PHYSICS.

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