Saturday, 24 May 2014

The rules of anticulturalism

there is no culture beyond the present

the anticulturalist stands outside himself

the anticulturist is the author of her own lives

gender is a lie

postmodernism is a surrealist art lie

data drowns dreams and this is beautifully inevitable

you do not deserve any more or less than you can conceive and this is beautiful too

all culture is born from appropriation and violence

arbitrary rules are made and broken in order for society to exist and perpetuate

money is the best and sexiest rape lie of all

worth is meaningless value is meaningless

god hates life

it is only theft if it is viewed by others

oblivion is the only true goal and the search for freedom from thought is prohibited by itself it can only be accidental or enforced

birth or death is not an art statement

our pets pity us

language is a joke of a liar

you did leave the oven on and your children are burnt to death

all art is real somewhere there is no such thing as abstraction just a lack of cameras

exploding the earth is the true and beautiful goal of humanity

perception is a lie

culture is death is dead is not pinnable is down

similies are pathetic

getting fucked is all that drives anyone

the ultimate and tragic achievement of humanity is the alarm clock

tomorrow is a convenient lie

memories are lies

nobody believes in nihilism

analysis is autopsy

words are ghosts

paranoia does not exist we are all being targeted all the time and this is fortunate for the perpetuation of anticulturalism

beware the hungry and the horny

revolution is doomed as soon as it is enacted

truth is bunk

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